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R. Chance

Jeremiah is seriously the best. I learned more in my first lesson with him than I did from months of lessons with other instructors. The really cool thing is that he teaches with the intent that you will then teach others, so you come away with comprehensive, meticulously detailed lessons that you can always refer back to. (Plus he's really funny.)

A. Frederick

When I began piano lessons with Jeremiah, I had very limited musical knowledge. He was able to break down scales and the basic number system in a way that was fun and easy to understand. He took songs I knew, and we basically expanded and took the music to another level weekly. I am now a music director at Promiseland Church in Austin, and I can honestly say that what I learned from Jeremiah gave me a solid foundation and the necessary tools to continue growing musically. Jeremiah taught me so many applicable methods that I continue to apply and teach to others daily.

Belinda Wallace

"I can't even say how much I learned in just 1 year with Bro. Jeremiah Sibley.His teaching method was easy to understand and he was so generous in sharing his knowledge! His 'cheat notes' or 'short-cuts' are the best for people that need to start playing in church as quickly as possible, and actually sound like you have some skills. I tried to take lessons from other people, but I have to say I learned more in 1 year than I could have ever dreamed of. What I liked the most about his teachings is that he went outside the traditional styles of playing gospel music. I was so excited to learn how to incorporate Blues and Jazz tricks into most contemporary gospel songs we sing today. Thank you Bro. Sibley for sharing!!"

Megan Steele

Jeremiah Sibley is a talented musician and a very qualified music instructor. I began lessons with him around the age of 13 but due to the driving distance, I was only able to attend for approximately one year. Although disappointed, this was more than enough time with Jeremiah to learn the basics. He taught me to play by ear, but gave much theory and logic. He was flexible in his teaching methods and had an abundance of patience. Jeremiah made piano lessons fun! Mostly, he gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to begin a lifetime of piano ministry. I started playing the piano for an established church at the age of 16 and have been playing there for 7 years. My only regret is not being able to conquer Jeremiah's complete piano course. With this being said, I am so excited about his new endeavor. I now have the opportunity to finish what we started. Thanks Jeremiah, I'm so excited for the both of us!

Ruth Jackson

I was 10 years old when I began lessons with Jeremiah Sibley, and continued for over 2 years. With minimal piano knowledge from extracurricular lessons in elementary school, Jeremiah Sibley began by tailoring the piano lessons to the little that I knew, and expanded from there. He was personable, easy-going, and down-to-earth. He simplified complicated chords, concepts, and progressions to my level of comprehension so that I could easily understand, practice, and later teach them to someone else. Let me be clear, Jeremiah Sibley knows music. He went to bible school for music, has a degree in music, reads sheet music, and can play pretty much any instrument. What makes him unique as a piano teacher is his ability to structure lessons in an order that builds concept upon concept, allows the student to recognize relationships in music theory, and combines appropriate music theory with “Pentecostal” licks and tricks in a way that is easy to comprehend. His organization of each lesson and the order of those lessons allow the student to maximize the value he or she will experience in the duration of these lessons. It is not often that you meet someone with God-given, natural musical abilities, with the supporting education, and who understands their art enough to efficiently and willingly teach it to someone else. Jeremiah Sibley is one of those blessed few. Especially in regards to church style of music, he will teach you not just the “how” but also the why, what, when, and where to use what you learn. When my lessons ended with Pastor Sibley, I felt like he had taught me everything he knew. And I left with a firm foundation of music theory and a strong confidence in my ability to continue piano playing. The purpose I began lessons was to play for church, but the applications of those lessons surpassed just playing the piano. As a result, I have participated in public school musical productions, weddings, and other church and external church events. I have also been able to play other instruments, teach choir and other vocal groups, and even my own piano lessons. I know firsthand that Jeremiah Sibley is an excellent piano teacher. If you are consistent, apply yourself, and practice these piano lessons, I guarantee the value you will experience will far outweigh the cost. He is the best piano teacher I have ever had the privilege of sitting under and concerning quality, he is second to none. If you get an opportunity to take piano lessons from him, whether through online videos or in person do not hesitate to do it. I am still reaping the benefits of mine.